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Empowering Progress: The Story Behind Elevated Dilators Revolutionizing Pelvic Health

In the realm of pelvic health, innovation is a beacon of hope for those facing challenges and seeking solutions. The story behind Elevated Dilators is one of determination, compassion, and a commitment to revolutionizing the tools used in Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy. Founded by Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists (Alexandra "Lexi" Burtman PT, DPT, PRPC, Erica Michitsch PT, DPT, WCS, and Kara Mortifoglio PT, DPT, PRPC) who recognized the need for a modern approach, Elevated Dilators aim to make a significant impact on the lives of individuals dealing with pelvic pain. These 3 Physical Therapists are reshaping the landscape of pelvic health, one dilator at a time.

The Genesis of Elevated Dilators:

The journey began with a group of Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists who were deeply passionate about improving the experiences of their patients. Recognizing the limitations of traditional dilators, they set out to create a solution that would be more modern, user-friendly, and less stigmatized. Their goal was to empower individuals to take control of their pelvic health journeys with confidence.

Understanding the Need for Modernization:

Traditional dilators lacked certain features that could enhance the overall user experience. The therapists identified common challenges faced by patients, such as difficulty gripping the dilators, discomfort during use, and the overall lack of a contemporary design. Elevated Dilators sought to address these issues head-on by incorporating innovative features that would make the pelvic floor therapy process more comfortable and effective.

Adding a Handle for Improved Handling:

One of the key innovations introduced by Elevated Dilators was the addition of a handle. This seemingly simple modification had a profound impact on the ease of use. The handle provided users with a comfortable grip, making the dilators more manageable and less intimidating. This small but significant change was a game-changer for individuals navigating pelvic floor Physical Therapy.

Reducing Stigma Surrounding Pelvic Pain:

Elevated Dilators also recognized the importance of addressing the stigma associated with pelvic pain and the use of dilators. By creating a more modern and approachable design, they aimed to normalize the conversation around pelvic health. The intention was to empower individuals to seek the support they needed without feeling ashamed or isolated.

Collaboration and Expert Input:

The development of Elevated Dilators was a collaborative effort that involved not only seasoned pelvic floor Physical Therapists but also input from individuals who had experienced pelvic pain firsthand. By incorporating the perspectives of those who had been through the therapy process, the founders ensured that the product was not only effective but also considerate of the user's needs and concerns.

Elevated Dilators stand as a testament to the power of innovation in the field of pelvic health. The founders' dedication to improving the lives of individuals facing pelvic pain has resulted in a product that is not only functional but also transformative. By modernizing dilators and reducing stigma, Elevated Dilators are empowering individuals to embrace their pelvic health journeys with confidence and optimism. As we continue to witness advancements in the field, it is clear that the story behind Elevated Dilators are just one chapter in the ongoing narrative of progress and empowerment in pelvic health.

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