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  • What type of lubricant should I use with the dilators?
    We recommend water-based lube to use with the silicone dilators. Do not use, silicone-based lubricants, as they will damage the dilator. To apply, put a generous amount on the tip of the dilator.
  • How do I wash the dilators?
    We recommend you wash the dilators before and after each use. You can use warm water and mild soap or wipe clean with a wipe.
  • What size should I start with?
    You should start with the smallest size you can comfortably insert, it is important the first size you choose is not intimidating. You want to be able to insert it with minimal pain, move it around side to side and pull it out without pain. When you can do that without pain you are ready to move up to the next size.
  • When should I not use a vaginal dilator?
    If you are pregnant, please speak with your pregnancy care provider before using a vaginal dilator. Also, do not use vaginal dilator with an active vaginal infection.

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